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Innovation Factory is a seed fund created by a group of entrepreneurs and business angels. Our investment portfolio includes startups that have potential to become next billion-dollar company. We are looking for partners in US for future and present projects. We have well established software house and proven track record of successful investments. We have some projects that we would like to target for North America market and which can require second round of funding.

We present below few examples of our investments:

BonEffice Sp. z o.o.

BonEffice System responds to the basic need of energy producers: to improve efficiency in order to reduce costs and meet the environment protection requirements, including meeting the standards of NOx, CO2, SO2 and Hg emissions. The cost efficiency and environment protection are crucial factors for coal-fired power plants to remain competitive, especially when more than 80% of power plants units in Europe are over 20 year old. Company has two patents pending for its unique solutions.

BonEffice system is the advanced operation decisions support system in coal-fired power plants providing real time recommendations to optimize efficiency, leading to significant operational and fuel costs reduction and environmental benefits (by reducing CO2, NOx, SO2, HG emissions).An important characteristic of the system is a real-time control of input data quality (verification by a deterministic model calculation) what determines the quality of the result. BonEffice system combines a performance and decisions support software with engineering and economic analyses provided as Continuous Efficiency Improvement Plan and permanent help desk support.

Active4Ever Sp. z o.o. (fobeli.com)

Fobeli (For better life) is a unique and integrated platform that takes your doctor, dietician or personal trainer with you to your everyday life. This platform enables these specialists to force their patients appropriate diet and exercise and to stimulate to living healthier life through built in gamification mechanisms. Fobeli proves to be extremely useful for rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, people with chronic kidney disease, children and adults with overweight and obesity. It can be used to keep you fit. It can motivate chronically ill or older people to live healthier and happier life. Fobeli is available to customers via web and mobile.

Micronect Sp. z o.o. (micronect.com)

PRODUCT Micronect® – total mobile security: safe device (phone/tablet), save data, save conversation. Micronect® is an advanced software solution to ensure security of data transmission, voice communication and data stored on mobile devices. It is the only integrated total mobile security solution on the market and its functionalities are superior towards any competitor. The system is fully integrated into mobile device and it does not change the way user use a device. Our security system is designed for government organizations, large and medium enterprises.

PROJECT AND STRATEGY Project’s objective is to gain substantial share in global mobile security market for Micronect® security system. Development of Micronect® security system is planned in two parallel ways: 1.First our company in cooperation with Microsoft develops system for devices running under Windows operating system. 2. Second our company alone develops Micronect® corporate version for mobile devices running under Android and IoS operating system.

Orgamer Sp. z o.o. (funtiago.com)

The Funtiago gamification platform already with good corporate traction was designed to:

·         enhance user experience

·         change gamification system design into drag and drop experience

·         free creativity from IT dependence chains

·         open human creativity gates

·         empower non IT people to become real business processes owners

Funtiago allows to easily enrich the world of business with such activities as: scoring and assigning points, awarding badges, building rankings and levels of the user's progress (levelling up), defining tasks for individuals and groups, rewarding visits at a certain place (e.g. a subpage on the Internet with an offer or arriving at a certain place, such as a shop or a training lecture), searching for a mysterious artefact (e.g. a new product on a shelf in a shop or a company logo on a website), integration with Facebook and many other functions. Moreover Funtiago has such modules and features as:

API and SDK—procedures needed for a full integration with any IT system,

fast and very simple integration with any website by inserting one code on the client's website,

a simple program implementation process based on a wizard.


This platform allows for a maximally simplified, wizard-based implementation of loyalty programs based on the gamification model which increase the attachment to the brand and consumer loyalty. Programs increasing the engagement of employees, which will result in a significant increase of sales, efficiency and productivity, can be similarly implemented. In the simplest version, the integration of the Funtiago platform will consist in placing the relevant code on the client's website (or rather in the code of their website). In a more advanced version, Funtiago must be integrated with client's internal systems in order for Funtiago to be supplied with current data, such as: the sales results of a salesperson, executing a certain activity within the process or marking the execution of an assigned task. Funtiago has the API and SDK for a full integration with any IT system. In the basic version, the client can enter the data manually or by importing batch records (files upload) through the client interface of the Funtiago platform.

IEN Energy Sp. z o.o.

Established in March 2013 IEN Energy is a licensed company for electric energy trade. First year it took to acquire all necessary formal and legal tools i.e. license, transfer and distribution agreements, Polish Power Exchange direct access, Commodity.

In May 2014 the company begin active energy trade. Forecasted 2014 turnover is $2 million and in financial terms IEN Energy is on break even.

Company has attractive offer for renewable energy manufactures and SME consumers of energy. IEN Energy web system that allows medium size consumers direct access to Power Exchange is new market hit under preparation.

Blockbox Sp. z o.o. (getblockbox.com)

Wordpress based applications that enable non IT professionals to build sophisticated, professional sites and even more to contribute to society of Wordpress users in 3 simple steps:


Find complete web solution dedicated to you. Any type:  
 - Work portal,  
 - shops network,  
 - real estate site,  
 - photo stock.  
 - sport bid localizer and many more

Upload it and enjoy.


Describe your problem, we create solution to upload.


Create solutions from WordPress plugin, save it and upload to platform - be a contributor.

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